Cancer astrodiagnosis...

The modern scientific astrology has as many trends as, for instance, the medical science. One of these specialized astrological sciences is "the medical astrology", which is primerily engaged in diagnostics and causes of illnesses and, consequently, in their treatment...

As any other science, the science of astrology is proud of many new developments, discoveries and insights that found expression in many scientific publications and reports. That is, astrology has nothing to do with mysticism and, being as serious a science as any other in the world, has all the right to exist like Physics, Medicine and other sciences do. In case you do not aggree with this and do not consider astrology to be ranked as a true science, it would, first of all, mean that your ignorance of the subject seems to be prohibitive... and it would be much better if you abandon the server.

It is true that many serious astrologists could not resist the temptation to try their abilities in the sphere of experimenting in the field of medical astrology - the sphere being too vital for humanity and exciting for researchers. This temptation I could not resist as well...

and if at the beginning of my medical astrological efforts, performed mainly at the request of my clients, I was not totally inspired by my personal scientific interests, then later on, observing and evaluating the results of astrological diagnostics and treatment achieved as well as their social value, my involvement became deeper and deeper. Although I am not a professional doctor, my university background and extensive practical experience in psychology make my involvement with the human being maladies only too natural. Moreover, being a member of a family of highly professional doctors I could not help learning a lot in this field. My wife is engaged in the wide-scale research of straight intenstine canser cases diagnistics. Moved by a hatural aspire to be helpful in, at least, some of the aspects of her intensive scientific work, I unexpectedly became so much involved in handling of the problem that I upgraded myself to being her partner in the research. Only my approach to the cancer diagnostics problem solution is more on the medico-astrological side. During several years of elaborate research efforts on this topic I obtained very interesting and substantial results that have unambiguously proved the fact that cancer could be in principle diagnosed at any case and at any age without recourse to medical procedures. That is, in the process of my work I deduced an astrological formula of cancer and the formula works in, at least, 90% of cases (a 100% could be guaranteed only by the God Himself and nobody else but Him!). Thus, any individual could be diagnosed for presence (or absence) of cancer when his or her natal map is appropriately computed.

However, this is far from being the end of the srory.... Once, there is the astrological formula of cancer availability or nonavailability, hence, there is all the reason to believe that the terms of the formula realization could be computed too. Therefore, it becomes possible to calculate in what successive year of life course, this formula will express its energetics and an individuum will get the first notification of the terrible desease event. At present, I am working at obtaining more accurate definition of the said technique with the final goal of development an individual cancer treatment formula.

I have already managed to attain certain positive results, though you will look in vain for any publications on the subject..., they are coming. CANCER, essentially, as it could be imagined or interpreted, is a karmic phenomenon and, from this point of view, is not to be treated only medically, which is again proved by the methods of karmic astrology. What I want to say is that cancer medical treatment on a wide scale is a sheer folly, and, as far as I am concerned, I consider myself obliged to treat the case only when his or her karmic horoscope of a true karmic nature (hence, the desease is of a karmic nature too). Medical practice shows that therapeutic treatment of karmic deseases, cancer including, is absurd (if at all necessary).

The diagnostic technique presented here is, in principle, developed well enough. The determination of the first cancer symptoms has been verified in 50% of cases, while successful treatment of cancer was achieved in 20-25% only. This sounds well enougn, since statistical data show that every fourth patient is guaranteed, if not full recovery, at least survival.

However, I am not about to say that panacea has been at last found, since the astrological formula of cancer diagnostics and treatment is deduced, there are always exceptions to any formula and these exceptions should be studied separetely.

Here, I would like to dwell upon one controversial moral problem encountered on "you may take or leave it" basis. Many doctors consider it right that the patient should not know about his or her desease, more so, about such a malignant malady as cancer. I think that every person has all the right to be well informed by the doctors about his health condition in detail and if he is deprived of such information, this should be considered as infringement of basic human rights. The result of such a white lie demobilizes the patient's will of power and essentially inhuman. The old proverb says: "too much of good fortune is a bad fortune". Thus, a person well in the know of his or her diagnosis would be able to fight any desease in the much better way. I would rather advise to conduct such testing in the childhood, though this idea is heavily opposed by the official medicine.

That is why I am telling you straight away that the results of the objective testing and diagnostics will be available in every possible detail. And this will be the beginning of the recover or prophylaxis process. It is well known that the earlier the treatment starts the better. The earlier such testing starts the better. This is a novel technique on the know-how basis.

However, there is all the reason to beleive that this astrological formula is entitled to be and used for the welfare of the people. That is why I decided to offer this method of cancer diagnostics to all willing people. The following questionnaire was compiled for all those who wish to be diagnosed.

And the last but not the least:

1. The questionnaire is supposed to be completed in Russian since I don't have the time to work with translators and, I am pretty sure that you will be able to find the translator's services anywhere.

2. Think it over and be true before placing an order for the services offered. In case of cancer diagnosis (the astrologist is not about to tell lies or coquette with potential patients) will you be able to pull yourself together and start fighting the desease? You ought to beleive

that every cloud has a silver lining and there is always a way out, around or through, there is. 3. The services offered are highly qualified, involve careful and complex analyses of your horoscope and are to be paid a good price (to diagnose the case for Russian citizens costs $100,00 for foreigners $300,00 or rouble equivalent at the official exchange rate).

4. The services offered include: computation procedures of the exact time of birth and diagnostics procedures; cancer cases are confirmed and timed precisely to the onset of the desease.

5. In case of noncancer diagnosis any astrological prophylaxis serveces are offered for an extra charge.

6. The questionnairs are processed only after an advanced payment. Money receipt is confirmed by E-mail.