I don't see any likeness between this portrait and me but the painter who is my close friend and and me first patient saw me in such a known theatrical painter. His nave is Evgeny Ivanov-Voland. 
My nabe is Igor Andreevich Ilyasov. I am an astrologist from Saratov, a graduate of Sankt-Peterburg Astrology Academy (diploma number 9, november 1, 1994). Having graduated from two higher institutions
I can a historian-sociologist and psychologist by profession.
My hobby is feature and advertisement photograhy.
My fovourite sport is table tennis.
In 1975 I begin investigating systematic analisis of public relations. For a long time. I worked with the group of social planning at Saratov Law (Academy) Institute and therefore considared sociology to be my main calling but soon I paid my attetion to occultism. Having graduated from well-know Kiev Kandibe's School - Academy I got diploma of an extrasenser of world category (diploma number C404, aprel 29, 1991). For several years I worked at Saratov center of nontraditional medicine "Itel" as a psicho-analyst and bioenergy therapeutist.Dealing with nontraditional medicine and beeng a specialist on systematic analisis I understood that without knowing astrology I couldn't work further, I at once realiyed that astrolody had rational hirnal and while diletants cried everywhere that it was groudless I decided to look into its fine points and to understand the principle of astrological investigation itself. Some years of self-dependent work passed very quickly! The results of tedious investigation were shocking and many things became clear to me why astrology was criticiyed, of this science (and those who know it did't often understand it) and so on. 
In 1989 I entered the first conrse of St-Petersburg Astrology Academy and graduated from it in 1994 wah the degree of an astrology - consultant. Working for the largest Saratov newspaper "Komy Shto..." in the end of 1994 I organized mass astrological service; everybody who wanted could address me; the service was of great succes among Saratovites three years ago. But notheing is eternal and there is no such service in Saratov.
In 1994 a branch of St-Petersburg Astrology Academy was founded in our town and since that time I am an executive of it.
A lot of artides on different astrological problems for our newspapers "Zarya Molodezy", "Saratovskie Vesty", "Zemly Saratovskaya", "Novyi Stil", " Versiya", "Saratovsy Vedical Vestnik", "Family" and other were written by me. During three years I wos responsi fle for the astrological column in the newspaper "Komy Scto..." I begin carefully working on the problems of scientific astrology and treatiny patients and therefoer I limited myself to the number of publications. I have written any books which are being published now. They are on astro - magic and melancholic aspects of horoscope. Now I am writing the third book. My scietific work is devoted to medicAL astrolody, in particular, to cancer.
I don't like to attend different astrological meetings, conferences, congresses, parties and so on. I have some experience in it and think that attending them you will waste a lot of time and biological activity. Statemens about high guests, stunning topics of reports to be bluff and after the meeting there are endless banguets, dinners, and so on. As a rule, there is noting of practical importance. The only aim of such meetings for 99% of astrologists is to get closes acquain tance (in hotels or in their corridors) with more experienced colleagues. But this chance equals zero because serious astrologists prefer to work in silence of their cabinets, they avoid fussing about cites and towns looking for doubtful scientific popularity.
What will be in future?
Let's see, miditate, think...