Some words about medical astrology in general.

Today's classicall astrology numbers a lot of direction not less than, for exemple, physics, chemistry, history and other sciences.

Among these directions one of the leading places is occupied by so-called medical astrology - science investigating energetic nature of a person, the reason and methods of treatment of diseases.

There is an opinion that only people with medical education must deal with medical astrology. They say that a person without medical training will never make a correct diagnosis. It is correct, of couze, but only in the case when this person tries to do it with the methods of official medicine and describe it with the language of the official medicine itself. This is not the case for medical astrology the reasons of diseases, their origin, methods of diagnostics and treatment are made by specific astrological techniques and are described by astroligical language. A modern doctor and a medical astrologist can speak about one and the same disease and don't understand each other.

The matter is that medical astrology does not consider many discases on exact localization on a human body, by biochemical processes and so on. For example, in medical astrology there can't be such a concept and such a diagnosis as cancer of small curvature of stomach body. I don't mean that there does not exist such a disease but medical astrology points only to the presence of this or that disease and localization depends on the factors accompanyihg the presence of this disease.

Classical medical astrology divides all diseases into 7 (now it is possible to say into 12) known occultine principles. That is, speaking modern scientific language all the known diseases are divided into ten already known types, each having its specific energetic nature. This energetics is generated by this or that planet of our solar system: by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, i.e. during almost five centuries precise and fine interrelation and interaction of space and biological phenomena were being established by the people.

Ten planets of our solar system were discovered in different time and their discovery was accompanied by the outbreak of specific diseases, by the beginning of epidemics and so on. For example, the discovery of Pluto coincided on time with the beginning of cancer diseases in the whole world and this fact confirms that each planet is a certain energetic centre, a power generator having specific energetic fueld completely distinct from energetic fields of other planets, that is, we have 10 (now known to us) energetic fields which affect us every minute, every second. They influence on our biological body. How do they affect?

The presence of energetic points-receivers of cosmic energy called chakras in a human body were revealed in Buddhist monasteries many centuries ago. A man perceives energetic fulds by these recivers. Medical astrology just begins with it and therefore a medical astrologist does not diagnose and does not encroach on professional medical sphere.

The task of medical astrology is to revel and analyse the influence of energetic fields generated by planets on a so-called "Star body" of a person (which is often called an energetic matrix by astrologists) and influence in such a way so that this influence should not give negative results, should not lead to any disease. If you hear about it for the first time it will seem a bit complex to you but these are problems medical astrology deals with.

There are some astrological schools as for as I am a graduate of St.Petersburg Academy I adhere to its developed method which is true in comparision with other medical methods of other astrological schools and it works perfectly well.

Roughly speaking, the difference of medical methods of our astrological school from the methods of other ones is that we don't draw special astrological charts when a person is ill - these charts are called "decumbetures" of first, second and third types and which are never accuate. Our school pays attention to birth chart and always considers it to point out diseases of a man and the ways of their treatment. What is such a chart is so important and which can point out a serious disease.

Medical astrology as any other science is constantly developing. If you think that there is nothing to be revealed that everything is known and clear in it you are deeply mistaken. We know very little of the things that real space gives to us and know almost nothing of the things that undiscovered space can give.

Knowledge of certain astrologist gives an opportunity to prevent any serious disease and it will give an impulse to develop preventive medicine. The development of such astromedical methods in Russia tells us about new informative technology in medicine worked out by Russian astrologists.

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