Annotation of book"Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"

The book suggested to your attention contains a new approach. The methods of the new diagnosis and approach are shown on the example of the analysis of cancer formula derived by the authors. The above - mentioned approach can lead to a new direction unknown today in fundamental medicine. The scientific analysis guess in this monograph is based on set of untraditional methodics know as "medical astrology" re-established and processed by the authors for modern clinic conditions and modern computing diagnosis.

The book is for oncologists but can be of great interest and use to any medical diagnostician. Some difficulties in understanding this book are connected with the fast that investigation has been carried out in the frame of a new science - medical astrology having its own language and symbols. That why to understand everything we advise you to address professional astrologers.

The author of the book is:

Mr. Igor Andreevich Ilyasov, professional psychologist, astrologist and historian.
He works as a psycho-analyst in one of the leading newspapers, at the same time he is responsible for Saratov branch of St.-Petersburg astrology Academy and for Russian astrological medical server (

The co-author is Mrs. Elena Borisovna Ilyasova, master of medicine, assistant professor at the chair of the radiation diagnosis and radiation treatment of Saratov medical university who is working now at the theses for medicine doctor's degree on rectum cancer radiation diagnosis.

1.A.N.Tahtamysh. doctor of medicine, progessor,shief at chair of oncology of Saratov medical university.
2.T.A.Kunicina, doctor of medicine, proftssor-oncologer of Saratov medical university
3.U.V.Gusarov, doctor of economic, professor, chief at chair of public survice of Volga`s public survice academy

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