Conclussion to the book "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"

Fhour above - given birth charts are not an exceotion from general rule. There are hundreds of such charts and in all cases the owners of them suffer from the disease called "cancer".

From the point of view of medical astrology "cancer" is not a disease but the reason of energy lack caused by destructive interaction of energetic matrix of a man (bipole) with the energy field of Pluto and it is clearly seen from any birth chart of a man suffered from cancer. In 90% of birth charts Pluto's energy field is very weak it is almost equal to zero and besides it has negative energy status. In astrology it is said that a planet in such a state is "in exile", in collapse", "in confinement" (different concepts charecterizing different states of planets).

According to these birth charts it becomes clear that "cancer" belongs to prophylaxis. More exactly, preventive cancer examination of cancer of any man can prevent a disease itself carryng out timely radical treatment on early slages.

Let's look at it carefully.

Now we see that cancer formula does exist. As far as this formula exists there appeas a posibility to determine cancer in time as this formula can be realized during the life of a man. Pay attention to the fact that if there is an indication to some event in the birth chart it does not mean that this event will take place every day during his whole life. This event will occur only at the moment when there is a certain information - energy situation is our Cosmos which is promoted by the interaction of planets of our solar system with personal set of energy fields of a man, i.e. with individual energy system. In astrology there are special methods to calculate the time of event which is of interest. In our case when we mean the beginning of oncological disease an astrologist can find out the timely day of visiting a doctor but this is the theme of another astrological investigation.

Cancer formula of any person gives a chance to prevent this disease. First of all, there is a quarantee to find out a disease on an early stage of its development when treatment is effective. I, dont't tell you that timely noticed disease is cured sucessfully. Don't think by no means that this disease can be cured by medical means but remember that medicine can weaken its attack. Different situation can arise when cancer can be avoided using the chance of personal spiritual development about which it was said above.

The reason causing cancer will remain till configuration of planets created formula of oncological diseases does not change or till a patient dies. The case is that in spite of the treatment of an oncological patient the reasdon of a disease remains-weak interaction with energy field of Pluto and neither superfantastic equipment or highly qualified specialists can save him. Modern medicine is helpless against oncological diseases and the only reson is that official (European) medicine bases its theatment on an untrue postulate - correlation of biochemical process of material form (i.e. human body).

Medical astrology sees quite opposite thing - correlation of energy process, of energy matrix of a man, his "Star body". This formula fully confirms correctness of energetic diagnosis and preventive treatment but not biochmical one.

In conclusion we have the question torturing the whole worid - now to treat cancer?

From the point of view of medical astrology there are no diseases which can be cured. There are periods of positive, neutral or negative state of energetic matrix and if you know these periods in advance, it becomes possible to avoid any disease including cancer. The man of medical astrology in not to treat a disease but to avboid it. Taking it into account it may be said that cancer is incurable at all and no methods can help in it if information - energy planetary aspect has begun acting: we must manage to place a patient under certain necessary conditions up to the moment when this aspect begins to be forming in Cosmos.

What are these conditions?

I can answer this question only theoretically at this moment because I have not had enough material on prophylactic treatment but the theoretical modal of radical release of cancer has been developed by me completely. This process does not belong to official medicine as medical astrology deals with it. The task of this monograph is to describe only this new diagnosis of an oncological disease but not to describe the new method of treatment. When I have enough practical material, I think, a new monograph with complete description of prophylactic treatment of cancer will appear but this time has not yet come.From this concise work it is clear that medicine will get a very powerful instrument in fighting with oncological diseases which can be used by every medical worker without going deep into the essence of the method itself. I have no opportunity and time to computerize this method but I think of doing it. When I do such a computer programme to test the population of Japan will require only two months.

The given method excludes the presence of a patient in a hospital during the diagnosis. It also lets to test any person at any time and in any place as it is carried out according to questionnaries. This book is the beginning of our work and we give here only formula of exact cancer diagnosis. Now we are going on to work on cancer prophylaxis on astrodiagnosis and treatment of AIDS, on general therapy of astromedical diagnosis and so on. The work is being done only in the frame of medical astrology, we don't concern the fundamental grounds of official medicine.

We don't consider this formula to be a complete variant. Astrology as any other science is developing gradually and our monograph shows it. If medicine is in alliance with medical astrology leaning on its achievements they will create optimal conditions for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of a man. Ancient physicians wrote about it many years ago.

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