Virtue of Cancer Formula
The authors: Igor A.Ilyasov, Elena B.Ilyasova

For the first time in the history of medicine an exact cancer formula has been obtained which will help doctors to diagnose practically every man and to reveal even zero stage of oncological disease, i.e. using this method to test the whole population of Switzerland will require only two months.

During such test-diagnosis it is possible to expose people being carriers of oncological diseases, so it provides us with an opportunity to clear up the possibility of cancer disease of any concrete person.

As for as we have formula of disease it is possible to determine in time its begining and to make necessary preventive measures, which will increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Advantages of this method:

  • 1. Cancer exposed uo to its active process (i.e. on the zero stage) is cured practically with 100% quarantee.

  • 2. The given method is quite universal for every man and can be used in any place and at any time you want.

  • 3. It does't require additional financing and you can use it having equipment available in every hospital (X-ray apparatus, computers).

  • 4. This test-method does't require the presence of a patient as it is made according to the data from a questionnaire. It will give an opportunity to free a lot of places in hospitals.

  • 5. There is a possibility to test urgently a person who is far away if it is necessery, i.e. to organize a large modern diagnostic centre will be more effective and reasonable than to have hundreds of small ones.

  • 6.It can be completely computerized and can work automatically while entering new data, i.e. it can work day and night.

    At present the author is going on with his work and is ready to publish a new book on preventive radical treatment of oncological diseases as theoretical model of oncological treatment has been worked out by him. The author is intrested in cooperation and help. The work on establishing diagnostic formula of AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases is being carried out at present.

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