Review #1 on the monograph "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"
The authors are Igor A.Ilyasov, Elena B.Ilyasova.

The given scientific-research method presented by the authors in the monograph "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis" is a new scientific approach to a very serious and important medical problems - the theme of diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. This problem has not yet solved by means of fundamental medicine and because of it, according to our medical statistics half patients are sent to the hospital, having the third and fourth stages of diseases.

In connection with this it is extremely important to begin searching new methods of cancer diagnosis enlisting other sciencer. It is the method that is presented in the monograph.

Igor A.Ilyasov, a professional psychologist, medical astrologist and historian, is working now at the frontier of several sciences carrying out scietific investigation which are not yet applied to medicine. As it is in the book if it is impossible to achieve the goal by ordinary medical methods it is necessary to a use the methods of other sciences. This work convincingly proves that time has come when it is necessary to use all the layers of know, ledge and to integrate them.

This work illuminates in short the status of medical astrology as a science, chapters 2 and 3 give the general theory of new diagnosis and lead the readers to understanding the fourth one which is the most important of them is the chapter which is the quintessense of the whole monograph. In this chapter the results of the work done show that cancer formula allows us the analysis of individual horoscope, to see if there is a tumor in this or that patient's organism. Besides, with the help of a birth chart the exact time of its appearance can be established. The analysis of birth charts of 173 patients has been made and the investigator has expressed her opinion about the tumors in organisms of 32 patients. This examination with the help of X-rays has been carried out by Elena B.Ilyasova, Master of Medicine at the chair of radiant diagnosis and radiant therapy of Saratov Medical University. The result have shown the following: rectum cancer (8 patients); cancer of different parts of rectum (4 patients); cancer of stomoch (11 patients); cancer of lengs (9 patients).

Obtained results show the effectiveness of this astrological formula but it is necessery to check it up having much more patients and then it will be a real discovery.

Taking into account the perspective and practical importance of this work for medicine to diagnose oncological disesses this monogtaph in recommended for publication.

T.A.Kunitzina, Doctor of Medicine, professor of Saratov Medical University.

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