Results of Checking up "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"
The authors: Igor A.Ilyasov, Elena B.Ilyasova

Practical work at establishing formula of cancer diagnosis was being carried out during two years.

At first, birth charts according to questionnares of 97 patients who were in hospital #3 and Railway hospital in the city of Saratov, Russia, were made. These patients were diagnosed. The diagnoses was cancer of different localization, then they were operated (different kinds of operation were under pone wich subsequebt histological verification of the diagnosis.

The analysis of birth charts of these patients which was done during this period of time and the application of the formula showed oncological diseanses. The following phase of this work was carried out parallel. Birth chartsof people who came to the astrologist with their home problems wos analysed as well and it was discovered that 32 patients out of 173 had this or that oncological disease. Yhey were recommended to undergo careful exemination and this was made with the help of X-rays. The results were the following: cancer the stomach - 11, rectum cancer - 8, cancer of different parts of rectum - 4, cancer of lungs - 9. Morphological verification of the diseanse was obtained later. Birth charts of 68 patients showed that they had no cancer at present but they woned suffer from it in other time periods which now can be established for each case independently. Birth charts of 83 patients sgowed that theywould not have cancer at all.

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