Review #3 on the monograph "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"
The authors: Igor A.Ilyasov, Elena B.Ilyasova

The given scientific work "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis" represented by Igor A.Ilyasov, a psychologist and medical astrologist, and Elena B.Ilyasova, Master of Medicine and docent of the chair of radiont diagnosis and radiant theraply of Saratov Medical University, attracts great attention and interest becouse such works in traditional science are rare.

In the monograph cancer formula is represented - the theme which requires great attention to itself I am not a specialist in medicine but I think that if such a serious problem can be solved bu untraditional methods, these methods must be used in medicine, must be developed. Untraditional science must be studied very carefully.

The work is written very interesing and lively. Such topics are seldom described in science. It is very important to note that they give concrete results. As a rule much time is required to cheh up empiric material, that is, long laboratory investigation is needed. In this case, checking up lasted only some months and if this cancer formula is true the wold medicine will acquise not only powerful prophylactic means against oncological diseases but will get a certain general theary of medical diagnosis and theatment and it becomes clear reading chapters 1,2 and 3. To my mind it can become the cornerstone of medical science in future.

We must pay attention ti such words. Even if there as some draw backs in this formula it is the first impulse of new knowledge and this impulse can lead to a number of scientific descoverics not only in medicine but also at the frontier of scienses.

I'd like to recommend this book not only to doctor but to the people at large. Chapter 2 contains important and necessary material which describes the complete structure of energy exchange in the Universe and the place of a man in it.

The cancer formula is added to the known methods of diagnosis of oncological diseases, it gives valuable additional information, which is of great practical importance.

, Taking it into account it may be said that this work can be recommendid to publication in spite of specific language of the work. I'd like to advice doctors to begin studying adjacent sciences in order to be successful in following scientific progress.

Y.V.Gusarov, Doctor of Economy, professor, head of the chair of theory and practice of managemant of Povolzskaya Academy of Govetnmental Service.

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