Introduction to the book: "Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"

In recent years the development of science and engineering led to increase of opportunity of diagnosisng cancer. However, in spite of all achievements in medical equipment, official base and so on cancer remains still an invicible enimy of modern medicine and every day it takes away a lot of people. It can be said firmly that despite all our scientific successes we haven't won cancer, the situation hasn't changed a bitwe can't discover the reason of this awful disease.

But not everything is so mysterious in the world as it seems to be every reality must heve its own instrument of knowledge and therefore if a problem existing in our reality cant't be formulated or can't be solved on the level of existing real methods and experience it is necessary to take other instruments of knowledge. We know that there are such instruments but we don't even want to notice them, don't want to study them carefully. It is characteristic not only of scientists but also of the public own follow the scientists opinions. Because of their qwn laziness of thoughts they don't admit such a circumstance that along with official adopted science there exist alternative sciences the effectiveness of which exceeds greatly in some cases that of official science, that is, qualitative and true outcome of information in such sciences exceeds trust worthiness of adopted methods and laws in official ones.

The example is medical astrology and in this investigation we want to speak about it as the method of possibility to cancer disease deduced by us (we are speaking about cancer formula) witch was carried out in its frame but not in the frame of traditional medicine as adopted. We want to leg our pardon for interference into the field of official medicine but we are sure that while doctors are solving the problems of diagnosing cancer on medical level, it has already been solved, in our opinion, on the astrological one.

Of course, it is very difficult to prove theoretically becouse there are no astrologists in the medical world - all the proofs leading to cancer formula were made in the frame of astrological science and in the language intellegible to astrologists because astrological language has its own symbols, laws and so on. So speaking about one and the same disease a doctor and an astrologist can't understand each other. For example, such an expression (and a diagnosis) existing in medicine as "cancer of small curvature of stomach wall"says nothing to an astrologist, there can't be such a diagnosis in medical astrology in principle though it exists in modern medicine but an astrologist will not call it in question because he knows that a doctor deals with different instruments of knowledge.

From the point of a medical astrologist's opinion (view) "cancer of small curvature of stomach wall" is rather an engineering diagnosis registered a breakdown of a detail of the whole mechanism but a medical astrologist knows that this diagnosis in the last stage of treatment and you can read about it in detail in chapter 3.

Medical astrology does not consider the local appearance of a disease (though it is possible) but supposes any disease to a deviation from normal state of ordinary organism, that is, a disease is a asoppage in the system of energy feeding of an individual energy matrix of a man and it is seen from a birth chart which reflects the working conditions of an individual energy matrix of a man at any time of his life.

In this monograph the results of work done find their reflection in "cancer formula" which is formula of energetic interaction of Macrospace with an individual information - energy structure of a person. Therefore the analysis of a birth chart allows us to find out if there are tumors in organism or not. (even immediately after his birth)

According to this charth it gets possible to establish the active beginning of a disease when it is on its early stage of development.

In this work we address all doctors not to limit themselves only in the frame of medicine but to use widely untraditional approaches and method one of which is medical astrology.

Those who deal both with medicine and astrology can apply formula. If you want to reduce the number of cancer patients apply it in your work. It will lead to early diagnosis of oncological localizations and their effective treatment.

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