My new book

"Formula of Cancer Diagnosis"

has been publised in Saratov (Russia)

The authors: Igor A.Ilyasov, Elena B.Ilyasova
Scientific Edition
All the rights are prohibited!
The publishing House is Saratov Medical University
January 31, 1997

  • Abstract
  • Review of A.N.Tachtamish, Doctor of Medicine, professor - oncologist (Head of oncology chair of Saratov Medical University).
  • Review of T.A.Kunitzina, Doctor of Medicine, professor - oncologist
  • Review of Y.V.Gusarov, Doctor of Economy, professor (independent reviewer of fundamental science)
  • Introduction (partially)
  • Results of test - diagnosis according to "Cancer Formula"
  • Conclusion (partially)
  • Advantages of this "Cancer Formula"
  • As for as I know, it is the first scientific edition in Russia which was carried out at the frontier of medicine and astrology. Please, inform me if you know other similar editions

    abstract | review 1 | review 2 | review 3 | introduction | result | conclusion | advantages of formula